About Us

Green Innovation Ventures Enterprises Limited (GIVE LTD) is an energy and technology company based in East Africa. Founded in November 2017 and incorporated in July 2018, the company builds and installs standalone solar rooftop systems to electrify enterprises and households and for productive use. GIVE Ltd goes further to provide a complete Internet of Things (IOT) hardware-agnostic solution for managing stand-alone solar systems and appliances to enable monitoring, revenue collections and asset management for energy developers and productive use equipment providers through their PowerPay software.

The company’s goal is to address the low affordability and adoption problems related to solar energy for productive use and related electric appliances/equipment by providing a complete end to end IoT platform to support with wide scale adoption as well as an Energy as a Service (EaaS) Model enabling wide scale adoption of standalone alternating current (AC) solar electricity for businesses at affordable rates to customers enhanced by the existence of mobile money and communication technology.

An Africa that is fully electrified and utilizing clean energy for lighting, cooking/heating and income generation.

Using technology and working with rural women and men to scale  innovative ways of making appropriate clean energy and appliances available and affordable.

To bring economic transformation by increasing access to energy and appliances.


What we do

PowerPay – Productive Use Leveraging Solar Energy(PULSE)

We have a team of technical experts who have deployed renewable energy for C&I, mini-grids, and solar water pumping for deep boreholes in remote areas. We provide design and engineering solutions that are practical and easy to manage once we exit the construction site. We undertake the construction and project management to ensure successful delivery.GIVE Ltd is also the official distributor of Tamutom solar Ice Machines by Rosen in East and Part of Southern Africa.We provide turnkey solar + cold chain solutions. Our cold rooms are designed and customized by our engineers to meet your needs.For Bulk Post Harvest Management and Bulk Preservation, talk to us!

PowerPay IOT Solution For Energy And Appliances

Green Innovation Ventures Enterprises Limited, a leading provider of decentralized solar off – grid solutions developed PowerPay; revolutionary IoT sales management software targeting distributors and manufacturers of solar PAYgo products.