(Interview courtesy of AFD)

Although 20 million people gain access to electricity in Africa every year, many are unable to enjoy the full benefits of electrification, due to the high prices of household appliances.

“Our IoT platform PowerPay aims to tackle this problem by digitalizing electrical appliances, enabling consumers to purchase equipment in small, manageable mobile installments and track energy consumption” says Geoffrey Mburu, co-founder.

Connecting off-grid low-income households and businesses, the project seeks to expand access to clean energy. Through a single platform, GIVE’s direct clients – appliance manufacturers, lenders, utility companies including mini-grids and energy distributors – can offer credit for consumers, monitor energy consumption, localize equipment and collect payments.

“By combining product acquisition with financing for cooking, cooling and other equipment, we are building an ecosystem that will move the next one billion people away from cooking with dirty fuels,” adds Mburu.

Below is the link to Mr Mburu, interview.

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